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The most convenient way to donate to CICC is via Paypal. All donations are processed directly and securely. For larger donations you can can do a direct bank transfer.

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CICC Property AC

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You can donate at any of our regular events which you can find on our Activities page. This includes, monthly Sister’s Coffee Mornings, weekly Qur’an Circles, Community Dinners and Conferences, etc.

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If you are a UK taxpayer, CICC can claim Gift Aid on your donations, as we are a registered charity. This adds 25% to your donation e.g. £100 becomes £125. 

Higher rate UK taxpayers can also claim tax relief from HMRC. Please contact us for more information and support on how to do this.

Girl Power Iftaar!

By Shoomi Chowdhury The Sister's Youth Iftaar was awesome, we all has so much fun Alhamdulillah. 42 of us got together at Grill 66 on 24th May to open our fast together. The younger girls has their own table and got stuck in with activities and colouring in and the...

Family, Community, Food and Prayer

By Sohail Choksy The CICC Family Iftaar was a great success MashaaAllah.  It was held in Marks Tey Village Hall and we were fully booked. The proceedings began with a  dua followed by a wonderful Qur'an recitation from children. It was a truly uplifting experience....

Ramadhan Dua Wall

I want to be grateful, finish the whole Qur'an, never forget it, fast the whole of Ramadhan and go to Makkah. Ameen I want to go to Makkah.  Ameen I want to finish my Qa'ida   Ameen I wish that I pass my 11+ and that my brother passes his GCSEs.  Ameen I wish that I...

An evening to remember: CICC’s 1st Sister’s Iftaar

By Shoomi Chowdhury Last Ramadhan a dear friend invited me over to open our fast together, as we did every Ramadhan. We would take turns hosting each other in our respective homes, with our families and cook for each other. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the...

6 Practical tools to make the most of your Ramadhan

By Maria Tonnessen SubhanAllah, it has been over 12 years since I became a Muslim, and when it came to fasting for the first time, I was scared and nervous - no food and water for the whoooooole day! Like Dr Sarah mentions in her blog, eating strategically for suhoor...

Fasting: How it benefits ours bodies and health tips to maximise your Ramadhan

By Dr Sarah Maan Ramadhan is such a sacred time, a month full of mercy and forgiveness. We’ve all been blessed with the opportunity to observe this special month and its paramount that we try and make it as productive as possible. When we feel tired, grumpy or down,...

CICC lecture series: The Madahib Islamic schools of throught where did it come from

The CICC lecture series presents Madahib, schools of thought where did they come from. By Dr Abid Yusuf This event has now ended. Please click this link to find out about further CICC events!   Click the link to book via...

AGM 2019 A Success!

  CICC’s 2019 AGM and Social function The CICC AGM and social function was held at one of Colchester’s landmark building, Firstsite. I found it both an inspirational and uplifting event. Right from the start there was a welcoming atmosphere and I was offered a welcome...

Marriage: The blessings within by Shaykh Ismael van der Schyff

All praise belongs to Allah ﷻ and the choicest of blessings and salutations upon our Master Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. We thank Allah ﷻ for affording another opportunity for us to gain from His ﷻ knowledge. When considering the subject of marriage, we generally think about...

CICC 2nd Annual Sisters Conference 2018

The CICC Sisters Conference 2018 was an absolute success! What an amalgamation of Teachers, Pharmacists, City workers, Homemakers, Bakers, Civil Engineers, Doctors, Dentists, Law graduates, Islamic educators and young Entrepreneurs! This was just a small glimpse of...
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LATEST NEWS. We have now found a suitable property!

We now need to raise an additional £350,000 to purchase the property in Colchester to build a Mosque and Community Centre that will serve all the Muslims of Colchester.

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Our bank details are:

CICC Property AC

Sort Code: 20-45-45

Account No: 03922820

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