By Alex Barakat

CICC’S COVID19 Support Group Update

Assalam allaykum and Ramadan Mubarak to everyone,

I am happy to report that we have been conducting welfare calls to our members. The sisters have finished their welfare calls to our sister members. Alhamdullilah, everyone welcomed the calls and 99% were managing or doing well during this COVID19 crisis. For the remaining 1% appropriate signposting and help has been offered.

The volunteer brothers are making good progress getting through their membership list of calls and alhamdullilah, things have gone well there too.

In addition to this, contact has now been made with Refugee Action Colchester and 360, an organisation that amongst other things, coordinates volunteering within the Colchester community. With the cultural diversity and multitude of languages, we have access to in the COVID19 Support group we are in a good position to offer help to them and consequently they will refer some of their service users to us when needed.

A further development is that FoodInc has confirmed they can be emailed directly by our service users (who are unable to go out due to self-isolating etc.) with their shopping list, name, phone number and mentioning they are from CICC. FoodInc will then ring them to take payment over the phone. The COVID group volunteers can then be contacted to pick up and deliver the food. This is great news, alhamdullilah, as it streamlines this whole process.

Our helpline number is 07598 941828 (Open 10am – 2pm)