Discover how to appreciate yourself for who you are, become aware of how Allah is always taking care of you and operate in the world with an awareness of your soul

  • Move you from feeling like you’re chasing what you want to realising that you already have it
  • Cement your belief in Allah and realise that he is not indifferent towards you. You will learn how Allah always gives you what you want, exactly when you need it
  • You will notice your own mentality and how by shifting perspective, you can know that your life is going exactly as it’s meant to be going. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be

Is this for you?

This course is for Muslims who are looking to increase their awareness of Allah and their connection to Allah. If you find that all too often, your connection to Allah lacks stability and your spiritual awareness is constantly yo-yoing up and down, then this is the course for you.

This course will work on your ability to perceive the blessings of Allah in your life. You will notice how directly Allah SWT operates in every aspect of your life and how, in reality, Allah always gives you what you need, exactly when you need it

After completing this course, you’ll spend less time blaming and worrying and instead will focus on how to distribute the gifts within you. You’ll struggle to find time to complain and blame!

A 14 day course – Less than 7 minutes required per day

All students start on the same day

Change your perspective forever

Become a Muslim who’s permanently aware of Allah. Feel the divine presence throughout your life and be acutely aware of how Allah operates in your life

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