AGM 2019 A Success!

AGM 2019 A Success!


CICC’s 2019 AGM and Social function

The CICC AGM and social function was held at one of Colchester’s landmark building, Firstsite. I found it both an inspirational and uplifting event.

Right from the start there was a welcoming atmosphere and I was offered a welcome drink when registering. A free creche was laid on for children so adults could attend the AGM whilst the children had fun playing in a safe environment and enjoying snacks. On entering the auditorium nasheed was playing in the background followed by an interactive Islamic quiz, led by brother Abid. A first for the CICC!

As with all CICC meetings, the meeting started with a Dua and this one was led by Imam Habib, our local Imam. Five children then took centre stage and in turn recited verses from the Quran. The audience were transfixed! Ma sha’a Allah how lovely it was to see the youth taking an active role in the events of the day, evidencing how the youth and family are an integral part of the activities and vision CICC aims to deliver.

The business of the day commenced with an introduction by brother Sohail (the Chairman), followed by the Secretaries’ report. We were reminded about how far CICC has come since its inauguration and the importance of volunteers in this process. An appeal was made for more volunteers to come forward.

The audience listened attentively to the long-awaited results of the first CICC trustee elections. Of the nine trustees, five were re-elected and four were brand new trustees!

Shaikh Ismael then presented the proposed new structure for CICC, designed to make the organisation function more efficiently.

Sister Maria then presented her talk on the vast range of activities CICC holds for all members of the community. It was heart-warming to see how volunteers have organised so many activities for families, children, youth and women only events.

Nadim Mohammed then presented a thorough financial summary, including outstanding pledges and gifts, and indicated the importance of regular donations.

Finally, a home for the CICC! Brother Sohail gave a presentation about the exciting development of finding a property suitable for CICC. He launched the property appeal and prompted the audience to donate there and then.

Afterwards both Imam Habib (Imam of Colchester Mosque) and Bashir Ghoni (Chairman of CICA) praised the CICC for their achievements and showed solidarity and support for CICC.

The meeting ended with more splendid Quran recitations, by four girls from our youth group. The meeting had a very nice uplifting feel and congratulations to the speakers for keeping to time!

After Asr, food was served and was well worth the wait!  It was so lovely to mingle with the community, meet old friends and make new ones. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable day!


Thank you to the lovely volunteers JazakAllah Kheir!


Marriage: The blessings within by Shaykh Ismael van der Schyff

Marriage: The blessings within by Shaykh Ismael van der Schyff

All praise belongs to Allah ﷻ and the choicest of blessings and salutations upon our Master Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. We thank Allah ﷻ for affording another opportunity for us to gain from His ﷻ knowledge.

When considering the subject of marriage, we generally think about the happenings within marriage but this lecture considers the Islamic Laws surrounding marriage, the meaning of the word ‘Nikah’ and the ruling of marriage ( When is it recommended to get married and when is it not. To whom it is allowed and to whom not. ).

The lecture explains how the Arabic language itself presents different understandings and how these understandings form the basis on why many prominent early Islamic scholars ( like Imaam Shafi and Imaam Abu Hanifa ) came to different rulings on a wide range of topics.

As a precursor to the ruling of marriage, the lecture discusses a number of important discussions relating the application of laws that were peculiar to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

The lecture also discusses the desirable qualities recommended by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ that ought to be sought in a prospective husband/wife.

May Allah ﷻ bless our marriages and the marriages of our family and friends with understanding, mercy, love and happiness Ameen.

CICC 2nd Annual Sisters Conference 2018

CICC 2nd Annual Sisters Conference 2018

The CICC Sisters Conference 2018 was an absolute success! What an amalgamation of Teachers, Pharmacists, City workers, Homemakers, Bakers, Civil Engineers, Doctors, Dentists, Law graduates, Islamic educators and young Entrepreneurs! This was just a small glimpse of the rich sisterhood who had gathered for two goals: firstly; to increase in our knowledge of our Deen and secondly; enjoy the company of sisters from all walks of life.
Having missed last year’s Conference due to unforeseeable circumstance, I was determined not to miss it again by the Will and grace of Allah. For me personally, I had a fantastic time networking and reflecting upon the lectures delivered by dedicated knowledgeable sisters. What a realistic insight into applying ‘Tadabbur’ into our daily lives.

The group task of analysing Surah Maryam through style, theme and structure was then reflected upon and shared openly.

The whole programme was very organised wherby the children were taken care of in the creche facility, all sisters prayed salah in congregation and there was an opportunity to ask questions at the end.

It was a very relaxing and uplifting experience for me especially taken into account of what our Prophet ( SAW) suggested that in order for us to be content and overcome disparity in our heart we must look at people who are the most less fortunate than us and give thanks to Allah for all the blessings HE bestowed upon us.

By Nasima Rashid

Sister’s Conference: A Success

Sister’s Conference: A Success

By Alex 

24th December 2017

The first CICC Sisters’ Conference was attended by approximately 40 sisters from Colchester, Ipswich and from across Essex. It was a very successful event, that generated much positive feedback.

“The event was superbly organised. The speakers were eloquent and informative. THANK YOU to all the sisters who organised this wonderful event.“  

Sister Ummara Nadim, Conference Attendee

The day started bright and early with a lovely welcome at the registration desk, followed by the offer of a nice selection of refreshments to revitalise us from the outside cold. This was also an excellent opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones and to browse the items on offer at the MyShiima Islamic art and card stall and the CICC hijab stall.

“MashaaAllah. Brilliant event. So organised and well thought out. Everything felt calm and nice. I feel inspired with a little spring in my step Alhamdulillah. May this be the beginning of a very beautiful and progressive and inclusive community. Ameen.”

Sister Dulon Sattar, Conference Planning Team

Following the official opening of the conference the delegates were treated to three highly inspirational and motivational Islamic talks;

Sidra Naeem, Muslim Chaplain at Anglia Ruskin University and a qualified Aalimah, covered the topic ‘How does Islam elevate the status of women.’

She was followed by Consultant Psychiatrist for mental health services, Dr Hooria Ahmed, who gave an overview on ‘Mental Health and women.’

Our final speaker was human rights and community activist, Shoomi Chowdhury who spoke on ‘Kindness and community: inward and outward manifestations of self-love.’

“Alhamdulillah, the event was exceptionally successful today & well received by all who attended. Brilliant team work & organisation. MashaaAllah. Jazak Allahu Khair for your considerable efforts. We all look forward to more excellent events like these in the future”

Sister Sidra Naeem, Conference Speaker

A delicious curry lunch was provided half way through and an update on the progress of the CICC was also given by CICC Trustee Maria Tonnessen.

The day was extremely well organised, had a wonderful ambient atmosphere throughout and was both beneficial and enjoyable to all those who attended.