All praise belongs to Allah ﷻ and the choicest of blessings and salutations upon our Master Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. We thank Allah ﷻ for affording another opportunity for us to gain from His ﷻ knowledge.

When considering the subject of marriage, we generally think about the happenings within marriage but this lecture considers the Islamic Laws surrounding marriage, the meaning of the word ‘Nikah’ and the ruling of marriage ( When is it recommended to get married and when is it not. To whom it is allowed and to whom not. ).

The lecture explains how the Arabic language itself presents different understandings and how these understandings form the basis on why many prominent early Islamic scholars ( like Imaam Shafi and Imaam Abu Hanifa ) came to different rulings on a wide range of topics.

As a precursor to the ruling of marriage, the lecture discusses a number of important discussions relating the application of laws that were peculiar to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

The lecture also discusses the desirable qualities recommended by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ that ought to be sought in a prospective husband/wife.

May Allah ﷻ bless our marriages and the marriages of our family and friends with understanding, mercy, love and happiness Ameen.