Girl Power Iftaar!

Girl Power Iftaar!

By Shoomi Chowdhury
The Sister’s Youth Iftaar was awesome, we all has so much fun Alhamdulillah. 42 of us got together at Grill 66 on 24th May to open our fast together. The younger girls has their own table and got stuck in with activities and colouring in and the older girls had the chance to meet and make friends.
“Thank you so much for all the people who organised the iftaar yesterday it is a really nice way to make new friends and I also really loved the party packs they just made my day” Ilayda, aged 13.
They walked away with prizes, gift bags and favours, enjoyed a delicious meal and ended it with Aunty Fatma’s yummy cupcakes. Amongst the highlights was the quiz where they named their own teams. We had the Habibis, Team Deen, Team 10, Team Fin, The Pineapples and the Golden Pineapples, with the top prize being taken by the aptly name Team 10. The quiz was in two round, the first on general knowledge and the second on their Islamic knowledge.
“I really enjoyed the iftaar yesterday. I thought the party packs and name tag things they were super snazzy the quiz was a good ice breaker and I saw lots of people I hadn’t seen in a long time.” Aisha, aged 13
All 42 of us prayed our Maghrib Salah in Jammah and returned to our tables to hear the winner be announced and to tuck in to our delicious meal. Grill 66, our wonderful hosts looked after us throughout the night and the girls gave them a very special thank you card for hosting us.
It really was an amazing night but don’t just take my word for it, check out what the girls has to say…
“Alhamdulillah the sisters youth iftar was wonderful! I really enjoyed every part of it and especially getting to know all these new faces. Thank you to everyone who organised this iftar, it couldn’t have been easy” Aleena, 16
“Yes I agree too! I enjoyed everything and I appreciate everyone’s effort towards the event. My favourite part has to be the quiz and the gift bags were also very cute. I hope to have more days like this inshallah” Faiza, aged 16
“The sister’s youth iftar was amazing and the whole thing was great” Bushra, aged 13
“Thank you for organising it, I had so much fun” Khadija, aged 16
“Thank you for organising it, it was really fun” Hana, aged 14
“Thank you very much for the lovely evening yesterday! The atmosphere was brilliant! And the quiz was really fun” Sarah, aged 16
“I really enjoyed it yesterday and I think that we should do things like this more often. Loved the party bags and the quiz” Aysha, aged 12
“Thank you so much to everyone who organised the Iftaar yesterday. Special thanks to Shoomi for all your effort for making it so enjoyable, me and my sisters had a great time MashaAllah!” Fatima, aged 19

Family, Community, Food and Prayer

Family, Community, Food and Prayer

By Sohail Choksy

The CICC Family Iftaar was a great success MashaaAllah.  It was held in Marks Tey Village Hall and we were fully booked. The proceedings began with a  dua followed by a wonderful Qur’an recitation from children. It was a truly uplifting experience. This was followed by an inspiring speech by Imam Habib, the Imam of Colchester Mosque.

Imam Bashir then gave a speech on the virtues of charity in Ramadhan which was followed by a fundraising session. MashaaAllah that session raised approximately £9,000 in just 10 minutes.

Sister Maria then announced the results from the Ramadhan Kids Fundraising Competition. Where children and young people from our community have been competing to raise the most money for our Community Centre and Masjid. MashaaAllah the kids managed to raise a whopping £1,100. Our worthy winners were brother and sister duo, Aisha and Eesa Parker, raising over £600 between them. May Allah SWT preserve and elevate our youngest members. Ameen. That meant we raised £10,000 towards our property appeal. MashaaAllah.

After the Adhaan, Maghrib prayer was performed outdoors in the open area amongst nature.

One worshipper said, “we prayed outside and it was awesome MashaaAllah. The atmosphere was so serene and calm, like being a part of nature”

It was was a lovely sight to see our community praying together.

The Iftaar meal followed. There was wide variety of food that was enjoyed by all.

A big thanks to our dedicated and brilliant volunteers who made it happen, as they do time and time again.

The atmosphere was uplifting and was a true testament to what our community can achieve and what we represent – Family, Community, sharing in Food and Prayer.  Truly a night to cherish and remember. Alhamdulillah.

Ramadhan Dua Wall

Ramadhan Dua Wall

I want to be grateful, finish the whole Qur’an, never forget it, fast the whole of Ramadhan and go to Makkah.

I want to go to Makkah. 
I want to finish my Qa’ida
I wish that I pass my 11+ and that my brother passes his GCSEs
I wish that I could memorise the whole Qur’an.
I want me and my family not to have illnesses and for them to go to Jannah.

May Allah SWT grant me knowledge and facilitate my learning.
Please pray I have the strength to tell my mum I am Muslim.
May Allah SWT help me to look after my mum,

I want my Lord to keep my parents and my family safe. I want my Lord to be happy with me and to recite the whole Qur’an, go Makkah and keep all of my fasts in Ramadhan.
Oh Allah grant us the glory of your face.
Oh Allah grant me a righteous husband.
Oh Allah make me a very Islamic person and make all the Muslims good deeds come this Ramadhan. Also please help me with my chess tournaments to come. You are the Most Merciful
I want to finish the whole Qur’an in an early age.
I want us all to attain Jannatul Firdous with all our loved ones 
I pray my niece Ayat becomes a Hafidh of Qur’an
Forgive us our Allah.
I want to go to Makkah
I want to be a good Muslim and read the Qur’an properly. 
Please pray that my mother becomes Musim and my family.
Oh Allah you are the Forgiver, and love to forgive, please forgive us
InshaaAllah I do well in my end of year exams and I do my piano exam (grade 3) and pass. InshaaAllah my family stay happy.
Oh Allah make me visit your home, Kaaba. 
I want my children to develop a love for the deen.
Oh Allah SWT grant me a job in UK according to my qualifications. 
I wish that I can be a Hafidh, pass my 11+, go to Hajj when I’m older and learn Arabic. 
I pray my dad’s worries are taken away and Allah SWT grants him good health,
I want my family to live on the University.
May Allah SWT take away all my dad’s worries an give him good health. 
May Allah SWT help me to recite the Qur’an beautifully. 
I want to recite the whole Qur’an and for Allah SWT to forgive for my mistakes. 
I hope my sister finds a good husband.
Oh Allah please bring peace to the world and ease the burder of all those who are suffering with health and poverty.
Please make dua for better health and to save my children from bad influences.
I would dearly like to have a greater connection and friendship with the Holy Qur’an

One of my children is autistic, I am praying to Allah SWT to give him shifaa
Please make me a good person for people here and make everything easy for me. 
I want my mummy to get better.
Oh Allah help me memorise the whole Qur’an.
May Allah SWT grant me patience and strength to care for my grandchildren and to learn Arabic well and to guide my children and their children onto the right path.

Oh Allah grant me physical strength so that the pains in my body are removed.
I want my mum to get better from her illness.
Please pray that my family go to Jannah.
Please pray for all poor people to have shelter, food, drink and medicine and to have fun.

Oh Allah help me memorise the whole Qur’an.
I pray that every Muslims sins are forgiven by Allah SWT
InshaaAllah my family and I remain in good health and are never tempted by shaytaan.
May Allah SWT be pleased with me when I am taking my last breathe.



An evening to remember: CICC’s 1st Sister’s Iftaar

An evening to remember: CICC’s 1st Sister’s Iftaar

By Shoomi Chowdhury

Last Ramadhan a dear friend invited me over to open our fast together, as we did every Ramadhan. We would take turns hosting each other in our respective homes, with our families and cook for each other. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the Ramadhan experience.

However, last year’s Ramadhan fell during the longest days of the year. The time to prepare food, host guests and tidy up and head to the Terawih prayer (Ramadhan night prayer) was so short. By the time two us hosted we realised it couldn’t be sustained. So when the next friend hosted it was decided, no cooking, we will have delicious food ordered in, we will enjoy each others company and we would lead each other in prayer. It was without a doubt the best day of my Ramadhan last year. At that point our wonderful host said; “Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a sisters only iftaar for CICC, give us sisters a night off in Ramadhan, hire a hall, have food ordered in, and have our very own sisters led terawih led by our amazing Qur’an teachers”, in that moment the Sisters Iftaar event was born.

Skip forward to Ramadhan 2019, 11th May at Acorn Hall in Colchester, the room was decorated beautifully by our visionary volunteers, the placed oozed elegance and warmth. Over fifty sisters gathered with their twenty plus children for an evening of beautiful Qur’an recitations led by the smallest but mightiest members of our community, our children and young people. They were then followed by our beloved Qur’an teacher Sister Dhuha Jasim, who opened the programme with the most beautiful recitation of Surah Al Furqan verses 61 to 76.

Exalted is He who put constellations in the heavens, a radiant light, and an illuminating moon. It is He who made the night and day follow each other- so anyone who wishes may be mindful or show gratitude. The servants of the Lord of Mercy are those who walk humbly on the earth, and who, when the foolish address them, reply, ‘Peace’; those who spend the night bowed down or standing, worshipping their Lord, who plead, ‘Our Lord, turn away from us the suffering of Hell, for it is a dreadful torment to suffer!

It is an evil home, a foul resting place!’


They are those who are neither wasteful nor niggardly when they spend, but keep to a just balance; those who never invoke any other deity beside God, nor take a life, which God has made sacred, except in the pursuit of justice, nor commit adultery. (Whoever does these things will face the penalties: their torment will be doubled on the Day of Resurrection, and they will remain in torment, disgraced, except those who repent, believe, and do good deeds: God will change the evil deeds of such people into good ones. He is most forgiving, most merciful. People who repent and do good deeds truly return to God.)


[The servants of the Lord of Mercy are] those who do not give false testimony, and who, when they see some frivolity, pass by with dignity; who, when reminded of their Lord’s signs, do not turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to them; those who pray, ‘Our Lord, give us joy in our spouses and offspring. Make us good examples to those who are aware of You’. These servants will be rewarded with the highest place in Paradise for their steadfastness. There they will be met with greetings and peace. There they will stay- a happy home and resting place!

After a moving recitation, we then moved on to a group activity. Each guest was asked to share one dua (prayer) they would like answered this Ramadhan and share on a post it note. These dua then made up our Ramadhan Dua Wall, throughout the evening we read and looked through each of the dua, saying Ameen to each and hoping that Allah SWT answers every dua. From the children praying for their mothers return to excellent health, for exams to go well, for their families to be in paradise together, to mothers praying to recite the Qur’an beautifully, for their children to be steadfast, for the pains in their body to be cured to our wonderful revert sisters praying for the strength to tell their mothers they are Muslim or praying that their non Muslim family leave this world Muslim and worthy of our Lords greatest reward. To all the dua written and not written, we say Ameen, may Allah SWT accept them from us all. Ameen.

The evening then led into three inspiring talks by our distinguished speakers, Dr Sarah Maan, Dr Fatima Albaghdady and Maria Tonnessen. They all gave us healthy, spiritual and practical tips to make the most of our Ramadhan. These talks have been kindly turned into blog pieces so take a look at the beneficial knowledge shared via the links above and we hope you gain from it. Ameen.

For me, my biggest take aways were:

1. To have a healthy Ramadhan keep a food journal of suhoor and iftaar meals and note how your energy levels were that day. Was I more tired than usual or energetic or even hangry (anger caused by hunger, its a real thing, snickers have done commercials on it, so it’s a fact).

2. To have a spiritual Ramadhan make the most of the Qur’an. Ramadhan is the month of Qur’an, find your own way to connect. Work on getting that relationship to the level of Ihsan. What is Ihsan I hear you ask? Watch out for the blog.

3. To have a practical Ramadhan remember that you know yourself better than anyone, your body, your abilities when it comes to Qur’an and your capabilites when it comes additional prayer. Make a plan that works for you and your timings and allow yourself rest even schedule in a nap or two or three, because that rest will give you the energy to worship and serve Allah SWT to the best of your ability. Ameen.

After an inspiring panel of speakers our guests were asked to make their very own Ramadhan Plan using the tips shared by our speakers. We were then led in the evening adkhar by Dr Fatima and we welcomed in Maghrib and Iftaar time with a beautifully performed Adhan (call to prayer) by our young brother Saad ibn Dhuha. Sisters and children, for some of whom it was their first full day of fasting, opened their fast with dates and water (and some with Aunty Fatma’s scrumptious cupcakes).

The prayer mats were set up and time for congregational prayer began, the seventy plus women and children gathered on prayer mats from each of our households and Sister Dhuha began with a loud and beautiful Allahu Akbar, instantly the room fell quiet, only the sounds of small children shuffling as they stood in prayer with their mothers and the powerful recitation by our Imam could be heard. Utter peace consumed the room.

When the prayer was over, within moments, prayer mats were tidied away, sisters rolled up their sleeves and began in a quick and orderly fashion to serve the freshly delivered food, getting the pizzas to the kids first, and the rice and chicken to the sisters sitting patiently and happily at their tables. We all tucked in with a relieved Bismillah, grateful for the company and the delicious hot meal.

The evening wasn’t over just yet, with all hands on deck, the scurry to tidy up and set the place for the congregational Terawih prayer was well and truly under way. All the sisters swung into action, in their own Mission Impossible-esque mission to have the room fully tidied so that our distinguished Imams of the evening, Sister’s Dhuha, Abeer, Huda and Fatima could begin the prayer on time. As the sisters prayed, the children played, and the evening rolled to an end. The hall was emptied looking unused, not leaving a trace of the beautiful evening behind except for the beautiful memories we now all share of CICC’s 1st Sister’s Iftaar. InshaaAllah the first of many.

It may be too soon into Ramadhan to say this, but it truly was the best night, in the best company, with great food and most importantly an inspiring and spiritual experience. Alhamdulillah. We pray all the sisters enjoyed it us much as we did. Ameen. It just shows how an idea that started in a sister’s kitchen became my favourite night of Ramadhan…. So far. Ameen.

6 Practical tools to make the most of your Ramadhan

6 Practical tools to make the most of your Ramadhan

By Maria Tonnessen

SubhanAllah, it has been over 12 years since I became a Muslim, and when it came to fasting for the first time, I was scared and nervous – no food and water for the whoooooole day! Like Dr Sarah mentions in her blog, eating strategically for suhoor is important, something I quickly learnt after having toast with jam the first day!

We all have busy lives, so after my first experiences of fasting I went on a mission to try to find a way to make the most out of Ramadan, whilst also balancing all other responsibilities.
So how do we balance it all? Here are 6 practical tools to help you get the most out of your Ramadhan.

1. Make a plan

You need to know yourself. What do you struggle with? Is it hunger, or sleep? Make a plan to help you to allow yourself to make the most out of Ramadan to make this your best Ramadan yet.
Make a plan of your normal day and look at where you can fit in extra Ramadan activities. This could be reciting Qur’an, dhikr, salowat, or addition Salah, etc. If we think about it Allah has already given us a way to structure our day by the 5 daily prayers – Fajr, Zhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha.

Where are you going to be at each prayer of the day? Structure your day around the prayers, if you are going to be out at Zhuhr time, make sure you have wudhu, or that you can easily make wudhu when you are out, whether it be school/college or work.

At Fajr, why not get up an extra 15 minutes early to fit in tahajjud and witr before eating suhoor?
If you commute to work via train or bus, read/listen to Qur’an, or have a nap to energise yourself for the day. If you drive or walk, why not listen to Qur’an recitation or an Islamic lecture?
Map out your day so you can find the times where you can read Qur’an and the times when you can have a nap, or whatever activity it is that you want to accomplish. Plan your day according to your needs so that you can function at your optimal and get the most out of Ramadan.

2. Set yourself a goal

Again, know yourself. We are all different and we are going to have different goals based on our abilities and where we are in life.
For some people reading the whole Qur’an once or twice is an achievable goal, whilst for others it might not be. As we know Ramadan is the month of the Qur’an, so connect with the Qur’an in whatever way you can, whether that be by reading it in Arabic, English, listening to it, reflecting on the Qur’an, and so on. Connect with the Qur’an to build Taqwa, consciousness of Allah.
Reflect on whether there are things that you need to or want to improve on, it could be your character, become more generous, offer more prayers like Taraweeh and so on.
Again, know yourself, and set your goals accordingly so that you can make the most out of your Ramadan.

3. Dua

We all make dua for the big things like forgiveness and Jannah, and of course we should. But along with your Ramadan plan, make dua that Allah makes it easy for you to make the most out of Ramadan, make it easy to improve your character and attain your goals. Depending on your situation, make dua to Allah that your kids behave so that you can follow the plan and achieve the goals you have set. Make dua that your work/studies become easy, so that you can take your lunch break and rest or read Qur’an, and so on. Know yourself and your situation and make dua to Allah accordingly.

Don’t forget to speak to yourself in a positive manner. If it doesn’t go to plan, don’t fret, try again, make dua again, plan for a better day tomorrow, take action to tackle routines that do not work. For mothers with kids, or students studying for exams, or those with demanding jobs, do what you can – plan your day to utilise the free time you do have, and know that there is also reward in the work you do. Make the intention of pleasing Allah with everything you do. Ameen.

4. Food

As mentioned in Dr Sarah’s Blog, choose your food wisely. There are only a few hours to eat and drink. Here we go again, know yourself and your body. Figure out what food sustains you for the day. Experiment with how much water you need in order to keep hydrated and not just running to the loo every 5 minutes after suhoor.

5. Social media

If you find yourself getting lost spending hours on social media, this might be something to re-assess in Ramadan. How does this fit into your daily plan and with the goals you have set yourself? Social media can be used for good (edit your feed to only show good stuff!), or it can waste time – know yourself and take actions accordingly!

6. Keep good company

Keeping good company is important all year round. Having friends who remind you of Allah and encourage you to do good is incredibly beneficial. In Ramadan, a fellow fasting Muslim will know exactly what you’re going through, and why you are doing it – you can share this beautiful experience.

Why not try out these 6 tools and see how effective and fulfilling your Ramadhan becomes.
May Allah swt accept all that we do in His Path. Ameen.


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Fasting: How it benefits ours bodies and health tips to maximise your Ramadhan

Fasting: How it benefits ours bodies and health tips to maximise your Ramadhan

By Dr Sarah Maan

Ramadhan is such a sacred time, a month full of mercy and forgiveness. We’ve all been blessed with the opportunity to observe this special month and its paramount that we try and make it as productive as possible.

When we feel tired, grumpy or down, it becomes difficult to engage and do things that we want to do. On the other hand, when we feel good, both physically and mentally, things are different. We’re more motivated, energised and capable of completing tasks that in other circumstances, we may have found difficult. It becomes easier to push ourselves, whether that be in resisting the temptation of food and drink, biting our tongues and being more patient or staying up later to pray.

Therefore, its really important we make it a priority to look after ourselves in Ramadan and engage in behaviours and habits that help us.

Here is some guidance on how we can help ourselves achieve the most out of Ramadan InshaaAllah.

5 ways fasting is good for us

1. Weight loss

There is lots of research out there looking at the benefits of fasting. Diets such as the 5:2 diet and intermittent fasting have been taken up by athletes and celebrities to reap the medical benefits that fasting gives, including weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight. What is even more insightful is that whilst this practice of 5:2 fasting has only just started to be on trend, for us Muslims it has always been ‘on trend’, as our beloved Messenger Muhammad SAW would fast on Mondays and Thursdays on a weekly basis.

It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

“Deeds are shown (to Allaah) on Mondays and Thursdays, and I like my deeds to be shown when I am fasting.”

Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 747; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Targheeb, 1041.

2. Increased blood sugar control:

The main body of research agrees that fasting is especially good for improving blood sugar control. It helps to regulate the level of insulin in our blood stream (The hormone which helps to control blood sugar). When we abstain from food and drink, we don’t have spikes of insulin throughout the day which means when we do need insulin, our bodies are more sensitive to it and less resistant to it.

3. Improved heart health:

Research has also found benefits in heart health through a reduction in blood pressure and a lowering of cholesterol.

4. Reduces inflammation:

Fasting has also been shown to reduce chronic inflammation which is a key component in many medical conditions including cancer and arthritis.

5. Improved mood:

Animal studies have shown an increase in the happy hormone (endorphins) in the fasting leading to an improvement in mood.

These are just some of the many benefits that research has validated.


10 Health Tips to make the most of you Ramadhan

It’s important we fast properly in order to attain these benefits.

1. Wake up for suhoor:

It’s really important to wake up for suhoor. Not only is there blessing in it but eating something at this time will make the rest of the day go a lot easier.

2. Choose wisely:

We should be consuming complex carbohydrates at this time, things that will slowly release energy throughout the day and keep hunger at bay. e.g. brown/wholemeal bread, wholegrain cereals, porridge.

3. Stayed hydrated:

Remember to hydrate yourself. The lack of water can cause headaches, dizziness and make your fast difficult.

4. Keep active:

Ideally we want to keep active, this in turn makes us feel more energised. Ramadan is not an excuse to become sedentary.

5. Have a routine:

Try and keep to your daily routine and incorporate some activity into it, eg going for a walk, stretching, yoga.

6. Portion control:

At iftaar time try not to overindulge, overeating tends to make us feel sluggish and slow, making it much easier to just fall asleep rather then stay awake and pray taraweeh. Stick to a regular meal portion or just under that.

7. Avoid the following:

Avoid fatty food, and anything that is too sweet or salty. These tend to dehydrate you.

8. Be colourful:

Lots of fruit and veg! Get those nutrients and vitamins in. Make your plate as colourful as you can.

9. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate:

Milk or water is the best for re-hydration.

10. Keep a food journal:

I’ve personally found that keeping a journal of what I’ve had for suhoor and iftaar and how challenging the fast was for me has really helped. That way I can identify what foods work for me.

InshaaAllah these tips have been a timely reminder for you all. I hope you can put them into practice and have a productive Ramadan. Ameen.