Sometimes we underestimate how connected we are as a Muslim Ummah. The bond which unites us together brings us closer to each other than we could ever imagine.

Alhamdulilah, on Sunday 5th April, twenty plus brothers came together to join our first weekly Brothers’ Online Meet Up.

In our session we focussed on:

  1. Our connection to Almighty Allah SWT
  2. Our connection to each other

We began with everyone informally introducing themselves. As nearly everyone there had been trying some YouTube courses to improve their connection with Allah, we took some feedback and encouraged each other to continue learning and developing their connections to Allah

Then we touched upon why it’s so pertinent to connect to Allah.

Check our 8-part short video clips from the session

So, we appreciated that, if we want to become better Muslims, we do need to actively focus on improving our connection to Allah.

This requires a basic understanding of our soul and the spiritual world. The more we develop our awareness of Allah, the more we notice the effect of this even in the physical world…

This insight is incredibly powerful.

2 ways of learning

  1. Information
  2. Activation

In the physical world we often learn through information. However, activation is actually much quicker.

How to have more activations

All Muslims will have different types of activations throughout their spiritual journeys. However, it is possible to actively seek activations

There are 3 courses on YouTube which are especially effective at delivering these activations:

  1. Quran course –
  2. Gratitude course –
  3. Dua course –

Breathing properly

Whilst on our spiritual journey, we’ll realise that breathing is very important.

On Sunday we all did a breathing exercise together. Please bear in mind, that although you may think you are very competent at breathing, you probably can still improve a LOT.

Unconscious energy

This term is used in the breathing video above. It’s useful to be able to notice this…

Keep in mind that we often are a little scared of our mistakes. So, we’ll unconsciously avoid them – at all costs. Once we give this avoidance a name, it becomes much easier to notice it and to easily navigate around it.

Live activation

On Sunday, we had a live activation session. Together, we learnt to make a dua to Allah, to help us concentrate whilst reciting the Quran. We also noticed unconscious energy and had many insights on how to be more connected to Allah.

Impact awareness

We finished the session by bringing awareness to the importance of community. We all encourage each other and we all depend on each other’s support.

It’s also useful to be aware of the impact which you’re already having on others. We will call this “impact awareness”. Notice the positive impact you have on your kids/parents/siblings/relatives/friends and your environment.

Appreciating your current impact makes it easier for you to enhance your impact.

I really enjoyed hosting the class on Sunday. I’d like to mention that it can only happen if you guys attend and really try and join in as much as you can. I really appreciate the positive vibe all the brothers maintained throughout the session. It really made it enjoyable.

I hope you all take benefit from the free courses on my YouTube channel. They will help your spiritual journey  I look forward to seeing everyone at 2pm every Sunday until 7th June.

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