By Sohail Choksy

The CICC Family Iftaar was a great success MashaaAllah.  It was held in Marks Tey Village Hall and we were fully booked. The proceedings began with a  dua followed by a wonderful Qur’an recitation from children. It was a truly uplifting experience. This was followed by an inspiring speech by Imam Habib, the Imam of Colchester Mosque.

Imam Bashir then gave a speech on the virtues of charity in Ramadhan which was followed by a fundraising session. MashaaAllah that session raised approximately £9,000 in just 10 minutes.

Sister Maria then announced the results from the Ramadhan Kids Fundraising Competition. Where children and young people from our community have been competing to raise the most money for our Community Centre and Masjid. MashaaAllah the kids managed to raise a whopping £1,100. Our worthy winners were brother and sister duo, Aisha and Eesa Parker, raising over £600 between them. May Allah SWT preserve and elevate our youngest members. Ameen. That meant we raised £10,000 towards our property appeal. MashaaAllah.

After the Adhaan, Maghrib prayer was performed outdoors in the open area amongst nature.

One worshipper said, “we prayed outside and it was awesome MashaaAllah. The atmosphere was so serene and calm, like being a part of nature”

It was was a lovely sight to see our community praying together.

The Iftaar meal followed. There was wide variety of food that was enjoyed by all.

A big thanks to our dedicated and brilliant volunteers who made it happen, as they do time and time again.

The atmosphere was uplifting and was a true testament to what our community can achieve and what we represent – Family, Community, sharing in Food and Prayer.  Truly a night to cherish and remember. Alhamdulillah.