The CICC Sisters Conference 2018 was an absolute success! What an amalgamation of Teachers, Pharmacists, City workers, Homemakers, Bakers, Civil Engineers, Doctors, Dentists, Law graduates, Islamic educators and young Entrepreneurs! This was just a small glimpse of the rich sisterhood who had gathered for two goals: firstly; to increase in our knowledge of our Deen and secondly; enjoy the company of sisters from all walks of life.
Having missed last year’s Conference due to unforeseeable circumstance, I was determined not to miss it again by the Will and grace of Allah. For me personally, I had a fantastic time networking and reflecting upon the lectures delivered by dedicated knowledgeable sisters. What a realistic insight into applying ‘Tadabbur’ into our daily lives.

The group task of analysing Surah Maryam through style, theme and structure was then reflected upon and shared openly.

The whole programme was very organised wherby the children were taken care of in the creche facility, all sisters prayed salah in congregation and there was an opportunity to ask questions at the end.

It was a very relaxing and uplifting experience for me especially taken into account of what our Prophet ( SAW) suggested that in order for us to be content and overcome disparity in our heart we must look at people who are the most less fortunate than us and give thanks to Allah for all the blessings HE bestowed upon us.

By Nasima Rashid