By Shoomi Chowdhury
The Sister’s Youth Iftaar was awesome, we all has so much fun Alhamdulillah. 42 of us got together at Grill 66 on 24th May to open our fast together. The younger girls had their own table and got stuck in with activities and colouring in and the older girls had the chance to meet and make friends.
“Thank you so much for all the people who organised the iftar yesterday it is a really nice way to make new friends and I also really loved the party packs they just made my day” Ilayda, aged 13.
They walked away with prizes, gift bags and favours, enjoyed a delicious meal and ended it with Aunty Fatma’s yummy cupcakes. Amongst the highlights was the quiz where they named their own teams. We had the Habibis, Team Deen, Team 10, Team Fin, The Pineapples and the Golden Pineapples, with the top prize being taken by the aptly name Team 10. The quiz was in two round, the first on general knowledge and the second on their Islamic knowledge.
“I really enjoyed the iftar yesterday. I thought the party packs and name tag things they were super snazzy the quiz was a good ice breaker and I saw lots of people I hadn’t seen in a long time.” Aisha, aged 13
All 42 of us prayed our Maghrib Salah in Jammah and returned to our tables to hear the winner be announced and to tuck in to our delicious meal. Grill 66, our wonderful hosts looked after us throughout the night and the girls gave them a very special thank you card for hosting us.
It really was an amazing night but don’t just take my word for it, check out what the girls has to say…
“Alhamdulillah the sisters youth iftar was wonderful! I really enjoyed every part of it and especially getting to know all these new faces. Thank you to everyone who organised this iftar, it couldn’t have been easy” Aleena, 16
“Yes I agree too! I enjoyed everything and I appreciate everyone’s effort towards the event. My favourite part has to be the quiz and the gift bags were also very cute. I hope to have more days like this inshallah” Faiza, aged 16
“The sister’s youth iftar was amazing and the whole thing was great” Bushra, aged 13
“Thank you for organising it, I had so much fun” Khadija, aged 16
“Thank you for organising it, it was really fun” Hana, aged 14
“Thank you very much for the lovely evening yesterday! The atmosphere was brilliant! And the quiz was really fun” Sarah, aged 16
“I really enjoyed it yesterday and I think that we should do things like this more often. Loved the party bags and the quiz” Aysha, aged 12
“Thank you so much to everyone who organised the Iftaar yesterday. Special thanks to Shoomi for all your effort for making it so enjoyable, me and my sisters had a great time MashaAllah!” Fatima, aged 19